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Attention Seekers

FacebookWe kind of deserved the attention we get. If one means to be seductive, then it is normal to expect those who will fall prey to it.

I automatically assumed those who post overly revealing photos on public social platforms to desire attention. It is fine not to admit it, but it just sounds stupid to blatantly deny it.


  1. Depends on what the woman looks like – in which case, it’s back on to men.

    If a heavy woman does so and doesn’t get creeps annoying her, why then should an attractive women? Are men incapable of controlling their behaviour?

    And who decides what is and is not revealing? Srsly – what century were you born in?

    • meat feet

      If the image is posted with the intention to illicit the behaviour, then yes the woman should expect it.

      If Punch hits Judy in the face with her own rolling pin then it is the puppeteer pulling the strings who hit Judy with the rolling pin.

      Just as it is the narcissistic female who orchestrated the attention she received.

      This is all said under the assumption that you are aware that most of the men who behave this way are dumb as balls; a thinking man who cannot so easily be controlled by such social coercion.

    • Anonymous

      Societies that focus on sex than actual relationahips in general teach men to nuture their sexual desires.

  2. Known child abuser from Vernon British Columbia Jimmy Andrews. If you can hack this fool it will throw a wrentch in his plans.

  3. Just watch this film and everything gets clear what is going on in this world.
    “The Arrivals” 8hours documentary still actual. If you agree do the best to spread it.

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