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Self Regulation: DarkNet Buyer Flushes 3000 Fake Pills After Recieving A Refund

About a month ago we posted a Warning about PMMA Sold As Red/Blue Hearts 130mg MDMA Pills on agora market,  the listing were taken down and buyers were refunded by the market, but many of the them were left with large amounts of fake and possibly deadly pills with nothing to do with them – one user specifically demonstrated extraordinary responsibility by posting a proof online that he flushed all the fake pills down the toilet instead collecting his refund money and still selling the pills, and by doing so –  risking more unsuspecting buyers. On a Reddit post made this buyer here under the title “Thanks for reminding me what’s important – Flushed ’em”, he said:

I put a post up a few days ago inquiring about interest in the 3k of those fake pills from Gargamella that I had possession of. The community responded loudly what I should do with them. I had a couple private messages and even an offer that was close to what I asked.

I flushed them. Between the responses and upvotes, it was clear what needed to be done.

I’m sorry that I even asked but thank all of you for steering me right.

PMA fake pills1

PMA fake pills - Flush 1

PMA fake pills - Flush 2

PMA fake pills - Empty

That was after a previous thread he posted, asking if anyone wants to buy the fake pills:

Almost all the replies in this thread urged him to throw them away. And as mentioned above, this is what he did.

This is another fine example for how the Dark Net Markets are self regulating markets, without anyone forcing them to do so, in this case:

  1. Market got rid of a vendor selling substances that were labeled in a misleading way – placing buyers under serious health risks.
  2. Market refunded the money to the buyers
  3. Buyer that have both the product and the money decides to get rid of the product instead of re selling it again – even though he claims to receive offers to buy them.

We can only hope that the other buyers of those pills decided to do the same.


  1. Things like this is why I love this community.

    • Johnnyappleseed

      “Things like this is why I love this community.”

      Are you kidding me ? This guy was contemplating reselling these despite having been refunded. We laud him as if he is a saint because he decided not to poison people for profit? WTF is wrong with you ?

      This “community” has a few philosophically driven people. Don’t kid your self though – the vast majority are here to score drugs and / or make money. That is it. There is no morality engine driving the darknet. For every example similar to the one in this article I can provide 20 of people either getting ripped off, hacked or poisoned. It’s the same dog eat dog world in the cyber realm and you have to look out for your self.

      • Almost correct but its not really the SAME as the real world – since there are few systems on the deepweb that keeps the DNM’s thriving even though they have no one imposing rules over them – unlike prison in the world of LE or being killed in the criminal world that keeps people in line in the real world or in the criminal world, both have no meaning here. you can practically get away with anything.

        On the DNM’s Those systems are:

        1. Reputation system
        2. Feedback from other users
        3. Support from the markets
        4. Community guidelines
        5. Common goal (making money is also a huge common goal, not only philosophical or political ideas)

        So yeah, you are right, there are many bad people out there and everyone should be very careful as with everything. but the above example in the article along with the fact that so many people (and numbers are growing) are trusting the DNMs for successfully purchasing whatever they want to purchase, means a lot IMHO.

        • 4 of the 5 points you make are the same on the street, the only one not on the street is 4. Community guidelines and it could be argued that there are guidelines on the street, they are just not enforced the same way.

  2. Johnnyappleseed

    I am a big proponent of DNM’s, so don’t get me wrong. The fact that “you can practically get away with anything” is exactly why you have to look out for your self (e.g., always reagent test and do your research).
    I just don’t think a guy who dumped his dangerous pills should be praised, especially considering his initial intention to sell them. Thats like saying what a swell guy for not reselling high toxicity pills at 100% profit. What do you think would have happened had he not been refunded by the market ? I’m quite sure there would be no pics of a toilet filled with PMMA pills floating around. Rather, there would be a lot of overheated rave kids swinging their glow sticks until they pass out.

  3. Johnnyappleseed

    Of course the repercussions are different on DNM’s vs the the real world ( aka the street ) but people are driven by the same motives.

  4. Johnnyappleseed

    And I don’t think either of us are ” almost correct “. This is an opinionated discussion on morality.

    • No no mate, my intent was just to explain what i think GramsAdmin meant by saying great community.

      Everything you say is correct and valid, there is no argue – but you hit the point, just from different angle.

      This guy should not be praised – What needs to be praised is the process who made him dump the pills, thats the point here.

      The market who banned the vendor and refunded him —-> Himself for contemplating publicly if he should sell them (and not just selling them under false info) —> the community who urged him to not sell them —-> and finally himself for dumping them.

      That’s why the post is titled “self regulation” and not “awesome guy dumps his toxic pills” :)

      Obviously the market could just not give a fuck (like some other markets) and let scammers sell shit and just live off the huge commissions generated by F.E and tons of scammers and by doing so, breaking this entire chain.

  5. Honorable act. Kudos.

    But is flushing poison into Earth’s bowels a wise move?

    Next time consider incineration – ashes to ashes, dust.

  6. This idiot should be condemned, not praised.

    You don’t flush pills, illegal or legal. There is study after study that indicates massive contamination of the water table from people doing precisely that.

    As Paul said, incineration. There are plenty of anonymous drop boxes for pills to do precisely that.

    • Sewage is well treated before it enters the water table and if its not you have bigger problem than a few pills ending up there!

  7. That was highly irresponsible to flush them back into the water supply.

    Crushing and throwing them in the trash would have been a bit better.

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