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Cloakcoin Promises the Holy Grail of Cryptocurrency: Trustless Anonymity

Cryptocurrency enables users to wrest control of their money away from banks and governments, but without privacy features governments will often use their power to punish people who use currencies they do not approve of. Unfortunately, the crypto-community has thus far been unable to produce a viable system to give users complete privacy—until now. Cloakcoin, a new currency, has burst onto the scene with a promise to achieve the Holy Grail of cryptocurrency: complete trustless anonymity. To avoid the mishaps of its predecessors, Cloakcoin will implement a comprehensive privacy system consisting of anonymous transactions, stealth addresses, a secure multi-currency wallet with a built-in currency exchange, and a decentralized marketplace.

Satoshi Nakamoto created a monetary revolution when he launched Bitcoin in 2009. Bitcoin was the first digital currency to offer trustless peer-to-peer transactions. This increased privacy by eliminating the need to know the identity of the person you were transacting with. However, Bitcoin and most other cryptocurrencies operate on a public ledger, which means that although wallet address are not connected to specific identities, a careful observer can follow the money trail and figure out who the addresses belong to.

The Problem with Deep Web Markets

While Bitcoin’s pseudonymity satisfies many ordinary users, privacy advocates continued searching for a system that would facilitate completely anonymous transactions. For a time, deep web marketplaces like Silk Road appeared to offer a secure, anonymous marketplace. However, the Silk Road, like other current deep web marketplaces, used centralized servers to store website data and user Bitcoins, which gave hackers a viable target for their attacks. Thus, the United States FBI was able to shut down Silk Road and seize over $3.6 million in user-owned Bitcoins as well as $28 million in Bitcoins believed to be owned by Silk Road operator Dread Pirate Roberts.

The Problem with CoinJoin

Centralized deep web markets are risky at best, but even if they presented no security risks they only offer anonymity for purchases made in their marketplace. Thus, they are not a viable option for the majority of people who want to send or receive money anonymously. To meet this remaining demand, several cryptocurrency developers have attempted to design wallets and coins that offer completely anonymous transactions. Darkcoin, SharedCoin, and DarkWallet are several prominent examples.

Darkcoin, etc. attempt to achieve anonymity by implementing CoinJoin, a coin-mixing protocol. Unfortunately, CoinJoin is not as secure as most people believed. For one thing, CoinJoin centralizes the anonymization process by using nodes to mix transactions. As the Cloakcoin whitepaper explains, this system contains inherent flaws.

Those nodes may be altruistic or evil, they may log and capture de-anonymizing information, they may be controlled by adversarial entities, or they may simply be poorly maintained by inexperienced operators.

Thus, CoinJoin kills the trustless nature of cryptocurrency by forcing you to trust the node operators tasked with mixing your coins.

However, the problems with CoinJoin do not stop there. Recently, security expert and Anonymous Bitcoin author Kristov Atlas conducted a comprehensive study of the CoinJoin-based SharedCoin. Using CoinJoinSudoku, an analysis tool he designed, Atlas was able to identify relationships between transaction participants. Atlas’ research demonstrates that anyone with the proper tools and expertise can spy on Bitcoin transactions made through the SharedCoin wallet.

Atlas concluded that SharedCoin offered “only limited privacy to users due to weaknesses in its design.” Following Atlas’ study, SharedCoin conceded in a blog post that their service was not designed for complete anonymity.

If you want to truly hide transactions, SharedCoin and other implementations of CoinJoin are not for you – they are neither sufficient nor convenient. SharedCoin provides a basic level of enhanced privacy transaction but doesn’t guarantee anonymity nor was it intended to.

Atlas plans to release the source code for CoinJoinSudoku so others can adapt it to test the security of other CoinJoin-based applications such as DarkWallet and Darkcoin. If SharedCoin is correct, then these CoinJoin-based systems will fail the anonymity test as well.

How is Cloakcoin Different?

Cloakcoin is a new coin ecosystem designed to replace deep web marketplaces and CoinJoin applications. Cloakcoin is superior to previous attempts at anonymity because it offers comprehensive, trustless decentralized anonymity to cryptocurrency users. The three-pronged Cloakcoin ecosystem includes anonymous transactions using Proof of Stake Anonymity (CloakSend 2.0), a secure wallet with a built-in currency exchange, and a decentralized marketplace.


Anonymous Transactions

To avoid CoinJoin’s security holes, Cloakcoin created CloakSend, a transaction system that uses Proof of Stake Anonymity (PoSA) to enable trustless anonymous transactions. CloakSend uses a two-phase anonymization process. As the whitepaper explains it:

At the time that transactions are created, the wallet will go through a process of “electing” an anonymization service providing node to start transaction processing. The election process is a process of random selection from the pool of available anonymizing wallets. The transaction output is paired with the encoded destination and the raw transaction package is passed to the elected node…

The node will earn a fee for this service, and then redeem the input by recursing back to the election process, to elect a node for Phase 2. The node then constructs an anonymizing transaction package and broadcasts it to the elected Phase 2 node. Again in the Phase 2 pass the originator and recipient are not recorded; instead, the transaction occurs between the Phase 1 and Phase 2 nodes.

Although the PoSA process adds a minor amount of latency to the system, it succeeds in achieving trustless decentralized anonymization for CloakSend transactions. In addition, Stealth addresses will allow for increased anonymity on the blockchain.

Secure Wallet With Built-In Currency Exchange

To increase user convenience, Cloakcoin also offers a secure wallet with a built-in currency exchange. Using the CloakTrade tab in the official Cloakcoin wallet, users can easily buy and sell Cloakcoins through the Bittrex exchange via an API code. This greatly simplifies the trading process for both new and experienced users.


However, storing coins on centralized exchanges is risky, so the CloakTrade developers are actively working on updates that will greatly increase CloakTrade security. These updates will integrate a multi-currency wallet into CloakTrade (beginning with Cloakcoin and Bitcoin) and establish a decentralized trustless exchange where you can buy and sell Cloakcoins from within your wallet. This update will enhance the security of your investment because your Cloakcoins will never remain on a centralized exchange, where they would be vulnerable to attacks from nefarious individuals.

Decentralized Marketplace

CloakTrade and CloakSend already give Cloakcoin a leg up over competing cryptocurrencies; however, Cloakcoin is about to release a feature that will settle the anonymity debate forever once the beta opens in about two weeks. Cloakcoin’s anonymous ecosystem will soon culminate in OneMarket, a self-regulated, trustless decentralized marketplace where users can buy and sell goods anonymously using Cloakcoins.


OneMarket offers a decentralized alternative to popular online shopping websites like eBay and Amazon, as well as deep web marketplaces such as Silk Road and Agora. Like eBay and Amazon, you will be able to open your own storefront on OneMarket and sell your products to other OneMarket users. And as on deep web marketplaces, you will be able to buy and sell with complete anonymity.

However, OneMarket offers the added benefit of decentralization. OneMarket will not be stored on a third-party company server; it will utilize the Cloakcoin blockchain to host all the information necessary to operate the marketplace. Storing OneMarket on the blockchain makes it virtually unhackable because there is no single server for an attacker (including a government agency) to target. If the government managed to seize a computer running a node, it would not matter since every other computer with an open Cloakcoin wallet node would still be transmitting the OneMarket data through the Cloakcoin network. Moreover, payments will process through a trustless escrow system, ensuring that no third-party payment processor ever has full control of your coins.


You might be thinking OneMarket sounds a lot like OpenBazaar, the Bitcoin-based decentralized marketplace. Indeed, Cloakcoin’s OneMarket will operate quite similarly to OpenBazaar. OpenBazaar has the initial advantage of catering to the large Bitcoin community. However, OneMarket has the long-term advantage of existing in the Cloakcoin anonymous ecosystem. While OpenBazaar can offer a decentralized, anonymous marketplace, it cannot compensate for the lack of anonymity elsewhere in the Bitcoin ecosystem. People truly concerned about their privacy will gravitate to OneMarket.

Get Started With Cloakcoin

Cloakcoin is the clear monetary choice for the privacy conscious. No other currency can offer anything close to Cloakcoin’s comprehensive anonymization ecosystem. From its unique Proof of Stake Anonymity transaction system to its secure wallet that lets you buy Cloakcoins to OneMarket, Cloakcoin never ceases to protect your privacy. Cloakcoin truly has achieved the Holy Grail of anonymity.

To learn more about Cloakcoin or to get started today, check out the resources below.

Cloakcoin Technical Details

  • Total coins: 4.5 million
  • PoW timespan: 7 days
  • Hashing Algorithm: x13
  • No pre-mine
  • PoS minimum stake age: 6 hours
  • Block time: 60 seconds
  • PoS 6%
  • Max age unlimited

Cloakcoin Resources

o   PoSA (CloakSend 2.0) Whitepaper

o   OneMarket Whitepaper

o   Whitepaper FAQ



  1. This is going to be HUGE! CLOAK COIN is a game changer folks.

  2. Legally, it is impossible. Search drugs in OneMarket = quick death of the company.

  3. Hmm sounds exactly what darkcoin is doing so basically no news under the sun

  4. Its a decentralized market every person on their wallet will be gerenating the network.. no choke points… Ignorance my friend you sound stupid

  5. seems to me it would be subject to sybil attacks if its laid out that way

  6. I just won 43.98275 CLOAK in the Cloak Room! – cloakroom.l8.io

    2459.153 Cloak paid out so far!

  7. Instamined_POS_Vaporware

    The in wallet btc exchange and marketplace looks interesting but…
    A Ninja launched 7 day pow 4.5 million instamine with password protected wallet, ouch.
    so far it looks to be mostly vaporware but time will tell. an anon dev with closed source features is also a red flag. it has lots of problems to overcome but it could give xc a challenge in the pos lane. i think i’ll wait for more info and the upcoming big dump before buying in. congratulation to those who instamined this coin though. when the dump comes it will be epically brutal.

    • hahaha no instamine you retard

    • Dumbfounder by how stupid people are

      Sounds like a Darkcoin/XC holder is scared of innovation. The coin was pre-announced weeks before it launched. The coin is a Proof-of-Work/Proof-of-Stake Hybrid. PoW phase lasted 7 days. It’s now in PoS phase. There was ZERO pre-mine unlike XC.

      Everything in the article has been implemented and/or is being developed. The developer team uploads videos to show the progress made on each feature. Cloak doesn’t need trash investors like you stay in the XC community where you belong.

      To anyone that doesn’t know these types of people are called FUDsters. They spread False, Unproven and Doubt to try to lower the price of a coin so they can buy it cheaper. It fails 100% of the time. They missed the earliest adoption phase and feel as if they are entitled to a discount. They are the lowest forms of internet scum – above the same level of scum as an undercover cop.

  8. I don’t really agree with your comment on Darkcoin. Your criticism would have been true if DRK transactions were controlled by only one masternode. However, it is controlled by 8 (or more I guess). It simply means that in order to affect a single transaction, one need compromise the entire masternode network, which sounds next to impossible for now.. I recommend you to check your facts and hit the edit button of this article asap..

    • Bob Barker

      Hi Yashu,

      I’m a former DRK investor. I was there on Day 1 and sold after the second failed attempt to establish anonymity in the currency. I’ve invested in all promising anontech currencies in the past from Anoncoin/Stablecoin to Cloak/Bytecoin. You could say I’m an expert investor in the anon space as that has been my main niche after being an early Bitcoin adopter.. Although I didn’t write the article, I agree with it 100%.

      When I wrapped my head around what these guys were doing at Cloak it blew my mind. Not only that but they have video journals updating investors about the progress in a specific area. Coming from DRK where everything is behind closed doors this was a breath of fresh air. So, I slowly started offloading my DRK investment into the market as I didn’t want to exit by dumping. You might of noticed it’s price dropped quite a bit – I’m not the only DRK investor that’s left.

      I was glad to see this article come out because it really shows what amazing work this team of 7 devs is doing at Cloakcoin. They are so focused with coding and progress that they don’t even care about marketing. I’m glad someone finally noticed them because IMO this is the most undervalued coin in the market. The concept of a trustless anon decentralized PayPal/eBay ecosystem has been a wet dream of mine since I invested in Bitcoin in the fall of 2011. I’ve always gotten in early from Bitcon, to Litecoin and Darkcoin. One thing I can tell you is this coin is the next big play in crypto.

      I think your plug of Darkcoin – which is mentioned a grand total of 3 times – is a shameless attempt to draw the reader’s attention away from the innovation and progress that the Cloakcoin team has produced. In less than 1 month this coin has surpassed DRK on every single level except market cap. CloakTrade/CloakSend-PoSA/OneMarket one cannot being to mention DRK and Cloak in the same sentence. Cloak is light years ahead at this point. DRK is still figuring out their approach to anon while Cloak is building value added services that actually make a currency a currency.

      Your comment is filled with “I guess” and “which sounds” this implies that you’re not even sure about your own comment xD. I would suggest you hit the ‘edit’ button but I don’t think you can after you post. I would also suggest you read the article a bit further and try the links which are supporting the claims in the article. The statements made in this article are the same statements implied on the Coinjoin Suduko website (Backed up by hard research not “I guesses”). Ironically, this is the same person auditing Darkcoin’s Coin-join (DarkSend) implementation. You should really take a look at the tool he’s developed to show the flaws in the coinjoin system.


      “Aside from efficiency improvements, this tool can be built upon to analyze across multiple transactions. This would give us a much clearer picture of whether adding additional rounds of SharedCoin improves the privacy of users, and may also make the tool more useful to analyze other CoinJoin-based privacy technologies, such as Dark Wallet and Darkcoin’s DarkSend.”

      -Kristov Atlas

      I would love some spirited debate though on the two different methodologies for anonymization. One is trusting 8 masternodes the other is trustless anonymization on the PoS protocol level. When you say “8 masternodes” to me I think of 8 centralized attack vectors. The key is not anonymization the key is real trustless anonymization. Two points I think you should familiarize yourself with.

      Regardless, I think the author hit the nail on the head by beautifully articulating Cloak’s complex ecosystem in an easy to read article.

      • Hi. You seem to know your stuff. I’d be interested in your opinion on XC?

      • Instamined_POS_Vaporware

        Cloakcoin at a glance…
        The in wallet btc exchange and marketplace looks interesting but…
        (oops, just found out the in wallet exchange is actually just an api from a small centralized non-trustless exchange and not actually a decentralized trustless wallet to wallet exchange.)

        Cloakcoin had a failed Ninja launch with a 7 day pow 4.5 million coin instamine that has a 6% pos inflation issue. it’s also a self-moderated thread that has been censored to cover up launch issues.

        so far cloak looks to be mostly vaporware but time will tell. anon devs with closed source unreviewed features is also troubling. it has lots of problems to overcome but it could give xc ([s]1%[/s] 2%+ premined, 3 week, 4 million+ coin instamine, self-moderated thread) a run in the pos lane. i may still invest in cloak but i think i’ll wait for more solid info and the inevitable big dump before buying in. congratulations to those who instamined all the coins in the first 7 days. when those people start dumping just a small part of their holdings it will be epically brutal.

        you may say that darkcoin also had a instamine issue the first few days and you would be correct, darkcoin should have been relaunched. drk was however distributed very well over the next few months for pennies because no one knew how big the anon market would be.
        the same can’t be said of cloak and xc as the anon hype created by darkcoin caused instaminers to hold those instamined coins waiting for the perfect opportunity/liquidity to dump.

        the cryptonote coins have worse compatibility issues than cloak and xc preventing mass adoption as well as bloating issues that are supposedly being worked on but it’s just theoretical vaporware fixes right now.

        darkcoin is a superior pow coin purposely based on bitcoin for easy integration everywhere bitcoin is (this is huge). plus i won’t even get into the unlimited 2.0 functionality possibilities of the trustless decentralized masternode system or all the other drk innovations like x-11, dgw, sporks and the fastest/instant anon transactions (darksend+) on the market.
        the only question is who will take 2nd place to darkcoin?

        Zerocoin is more anon yes but it is not trust-less. anoncoin has been trying to fix that problem with some rsa-ufo tech though. They were offered 10k to have it done by the end of june but missed that deadline.
        The problem with zerocoin and cryptonote coins is the lack of transaction hashes which will prevent mainstream adoption.
        100% anon causes problems for mass adoption due to dispute resolution, they’re so anon you can’t prove anything with transaction hashes. Not good for mass adoption.

        The new darksend+ is as close to ring sig anon as you can get and when ip obfuscation is added it will be superior simply due to faster anon transaction times and no bloat.

        “Check out his coinjoin suduko website for hard research. Your FUD come with ZERO backing which is common with gutter trash traders like yourself. The reason why the thread is moderated is because trash like you come in there with baseless accusations that contribute nothing positive to the crypto community. You and your kind are the scum of the cryptocurrency market.”
        nice to meet you too.

        “Cloak was preannounced with zero premine. “
        I thought the original ninja launch failed and they relaunched with a new thread.
        Is this the original thread?
        June 03, 2014, 01:18:49 PM

        June 03, 2014, 01:50:51 PM
        “Nice, hope launch is successful this time.”

        June 03, 2014, 01:52:38 PM
        “pools listed after launch? Thats silly and might as well be instamined then”

        June 03, 2014, 02:31:55 PM
        “Aaand we’re LIIIVE mining CloakCoin !

        so it looks like they started mining an hour or so after launch? Either that or there was another thread with the failed ninja launch. Do you have a link to the original failed launch thread or is that it? Looks like a ninja launch to me unless you can provide a link to the failed launch thread.

        “7 day PoW was fairly mined not instamined.“
        lol, can you please say that 3 more times with a straight face. Launch mistakes happen all the time in crypto but this was a deliberate instamine. Not cool.

        “The coin shifted hands from miners to traders a long time ago just take a look at the volume. If you knew how to read a chart you wouldn’t include this in your baseless accusations (FUD).”
        it’s only been out just over a month and a half and looks like the instaminers are holding waiting for liquidity to dump. Or maybe they will hold and stake and slowly bleed the coin to death (rich get richer). All it takes is one nervous instaminer to dump and it will cause a domino effect of instaminers dumping. I may be there to pick up the pieces if it goes low enough. Should happen pretty soon. It could happen after a pump after a release or it could be triggered by failure to deliver on time or functionality issues. Very rarely does software development go as smoothly as planned.

        “The developers plans were to create an anon extension to the PoS protocol. Why would the devs want a long PoW time? You make absolutely no sense. Another reason for shorter PoW times is so that the majority of the coins are in circulation thereby saving countless watts of energy that would be wasted on PoW mining rigs. PoS currencies require only wallets with coins to verify transactions not massive server farms.”
        My favorite part is the excuse of saving energy and that’s why it was only a 7 day instamine distribution. Nobody is buying that!
        The peercoin and nxt based pos rollback coins will never go mainstream. There is hope though with new pos tech like dpos. Dpos looks interesting but is very new and unproven. Bitshares x just implemented it, Listen to the new btctalk episode where the dev breaks it all down.

        “I was invested in Darkcoin before you even knew what it was. I dumped all of my DRK to go into Cloak”
        when did I hear about drk?
        my condolence on you loss.

        “Tbh, you sound like a typical Darkcoin cultist regurgitating information that was fed to you in the DRK thread.”
        actually i’m am atheist.

        “You take piss poor jabs at the cryptonote technology. I would love to see you debate anyone on the cryptonote forum about Darkcoin and watch yourself get eaten alive you pathetic pleb.”
        i’m keeping an eye on the slew of cryptobloat coins and waiting to see who can fix the bloating issues. Boolberry looks interesting but it’s not without issues but not as bad as the other top cn coins with 80% premines and what not.

        “Did you miss the part where Kristov said he doubts that Evan can begin to dwell deeper into cryptography than an entire team of seasoned cryptographers.. BTW this is the guy who is reviewing the Darkcoin code.”
        should be a fair review then, looking forward to it.
        When will cloak but submitted to kristov for review? With anon devs and closed source feature I would demand it very very soon, tick tock tick tock.

        “I got in early with DRK just like I got in early with Cloak. Why? Because I understand the impact that a new anon protocol can have on the market. Cloak’s PoSA is integrated at the PoS protocol level where the coins are generated. Not at the transmission level. This gives a far deeper integration than anything else on the market.  It uses the staking scheme to anonymize the transactions. All wallets that are staking are contributing to the anon protocol. There are no master nodes to setup, no xnodes, no mixers.”
        illodin asked….
        “You seem like a real expert. Could you explain this PoSA with your own words, and also how it combats Sybil attacks, eavesdropping, and blockchain bloat, thanks! “

        “This coin has 8 active developer 3 of which are seasoned cryptographers. That is why they were able to invent an entirely new protocol.”
        I guess they need to update the 2nd (?) ann thread because I thought they claimed just four devs and none listed as “seasoned cryptographers.”
        link please?

        “Darkcoin attempted to implement Greg Maxwell’s Coinjoin protocol and have failed to do so.”
        darksend is better than coinjoin and has been working for months now and no one has been able to break the anon. Plus, Darksend+ is on another level above even that uncrackable tech.

        “Go search the bitcointalk thread for “gmaxwell Darkcoin” and you’ll soon find out what the protocol’s creator thinks of DRK. Get your shit straight before you make a fool out of yourself in public again.”
        lol, gmaxwell has not even seen the code yet. Get your shit straight before you make a fool out of yourself in public again.

        “If you are more technically qualified to compare crypto protocols than Mr Atlas then upload a video of yourself doing so. You can go over each detail of the why and how Darkcoin is superior. But I doubt you will pleb.”
        you mad bro?

        Oh and just a few more questions from reddit if you don’t mind……

        -No proof of technical details. The whitepapers are very vague and contain no groundbreaking details. Details that would be potentially groundbreaking, like how PoSA works or how the OneMarket protocol works are glossed over. The FAQ gives half-assed answers.
        -The client is nothing more than Bitcoin-QT with integrated API trading. No stealth transaction functionality.
        -The dev(s) are completely anonymous.
        -Users on Bitcointalk have complained about critical posts deleted in the CloakCoin announcement thread
        -The PoW stage lasted 7 days, which means the dev(s) could have mined a large portion of the total coins. Some miners reported seeing 20 GH/s on the network immediately. This is effectively a premine dump.
        -I can’t find much original code in the Github repo. It seems like it’s all code copied from Bitcoin-qt and related repos with minor modifications. Certainly no code for the alleged groundbreaking algos in CloakCoin.
        -The site is all talk and no show. The vague whitepapers, the snazzy meaningless graphics, the pointless youtube videos under “development,” and the lack of technical discussion in the community.
        and these technical questions as well:
        how do you prevent blockchain bloat if nodes are sending dust to each other all the time?
        (High transaction fees from what i’ve seen)

        – if staking coins are spent to mix/forward txs to recipients, then how can you trust the nodes won’t steal coins instead of forwarding them?

        if new addresses are mined to anonymise transactions, then how do you avoid losing transactions due to orphaned blocks?

        – alternatively if you wait for the blocks to mature, then how do you avoid long transaction times?

        And one last one from me…
        if the anon is done through newly minted pos coins then isn’t there a daily limit to how many anon trans can take place due to daily coin supply?


  9. Why are you making up facts to promote your investment versus Darkcoin?

    Currently 8 masternodes are randomly selected to anonymize the coins. Therefore, an attacker would need to control all eight nodes to identify the parties involved in the transaction.
    Even by controlling 50% of the masternodes network (virtually impossible now), the probability for de-anonymizing the transaction will be less than 0.5%.

    • Ben Bercracky

      As far as I can tell the facts were pulled from the same guy who is reviewing the Darkcoin code. The link is on the article. References made in this article are also made on the Coinjoin Suduko website.. In the last Darknews episode Kristov Atlas stated he didn’t know how viable the increased the number of mixes would be to further obfuscate the transaction. According to him, mathematically it would still be possible track the payment. The author obviously didn’t watch his latest episode or he would of commented on the potential blockchain bloat/ exponential fees racked up by the multiple mixes.

      Can you point me to a audited whitepaper proving your claim? As a reader I’d like to see some hard research to support your “facts.” It will be interesting to see his audit of the Darkcoin mixing method.

      Apparently you missed the link in the article.. I scrolled up and found it for you xD


      Regardless, from my findings between the two currencies one cannot compare the 8 Masternode system to PoSA. The anonymity level the PoSA scheme provides is on the PoS protocol level where the coins are generated not mixed. It’s using the PoS system where all users have access to. The bigger node user base the greater the anonymity. If you need an example of this see the i2p/tor comparison.


  10. XCurrency invented trustless mixing and has had it working since the beginning of this month (Rev 2).

    Download the latest (Rev 2.45) from xc-official.com

    Transaction times for Privacy Mode are 4 minutes, and there is no higher degree of anonymity in crypto today.

    For more information visit https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=630547.new#new

  11. Instamined_POS_Vaporware

    The in wallet btc exchange and marketplace looks interesting but…
    A Ninja launched 7 day pow 4.5 million instamine with password protected wallet, ouch.
    so far it looks to be mostly vaporware but time will tell. an anon dev with closed source features is also a red flag. it has lots of problems to overcome but it could give xc a challenge in the pos lane. i think i’ll wait for more info and the upcoming big dump before buying in. congratulation to those who instamined this coin though. when the dump comes it will be epically brutal.

  12. My team is currently planning on launching a marketplace that fully incorporates the use of Cloakcoin once the anonymous send function is made open source.

    You can view our development and suggestion forums here: j3rpid3daidevfrm.onion.sale:9550 Our marketplace is launching within this month, so be on the look out for us!

  13. First check background of developers and owners of company, then you can see if you can trust to cloakcoin, if they worked for NSA companies you can’t trust them. they hide behind cloudflare but the same IP is used for pharma and porno sites, cloakcoin domain is protected and you can’t see who is behind it, they didn’t write the name of their company at their website. if they just create software, they should not hide themselves, they don’t offer drugs, people are not all programmers to check sourcecode.

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