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Warning: Reports Of FloMarket Possible Scam / Hack

Update 2: The Market Is Gone. Another One Bites The Dust

Update: we have received am official response from the market (bottom of post), its advised to stay away until this is resolved.

For the last few days we have been seeing some reports about Problems in Flomarket regarding releasing escrows and Withdrawing BTC, We are not calling on scam or anything here but would just want to give everyone a heads up regarding this and bring you the evidence for you to decide, first we saw a post on reddit that mentions some problems with releasing escrow funds:


Later on we got a mail telling us to have a look at Flomarket vendor profiles since there is more than one vendor stating there that they cannot Withdraw BTC from the market so we logged in and found these on the front page and some inner vendor profiles – we did not look too deep it was enough for us to find these 7 vendor profiles on the market:  (i can only assume we would find more if we will have a deeper look + It looks a bit weird that all these vendors joined the site just around the same dates)








Its a bit hard to tell at the moment If there was some hack indeed into the market or the owner is stealing fund or if this is some misunderstanding since the market does not have any forum and no sub reddit, but we would advise everyone to be careful or at least try to ask vendors if they should place an order at the moment.

We have contacted the market support and received this comment stating that the do have some problems with “cashout” and “hoping it will be back soon”:


I would stay as far away as i can until this issue is resolved.

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