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How Fall of online drug bazaar Silk Road Began?

A Great Article posted at the Baltimoresun:

As they rushed toward a suburban Utah home with guns drawn, agents knew they were on to a significant figure in the Silk Road online drug bazaar — a major cocaine dealer, perhaps.

Message boards on Silk Road — the world’s most popular online drug market — had been buzzing about the sale that triggered this bust. Users of the encrypted website advertised drugs, forged documents and hacking tools for sale through seemingly anonymous transactions, but a kilo of pure Peruvian cocaine was something special.

Federal authorities in Baltimore had been working for a year to breach the inner circle of Silk Road’s kingpin, whom they knew only by the alias Dread Pirate Roberts. They figured that whoever agreed to accept the drugs would get them closer, but never imagined the breakthrough they were about to make.

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